Too Attached?

I finished skimming “The Invisible Ring” by Anne Bishop today. I’m actually saving the reading part for the weekend when I have to work for 7 hours straight. And I mean, I’ve read this book already so it wasn’t something new.

I remember discovering the Dark Jewels Trilogy. I had asked the YA librarian to suggest books to me because I had obviously inhaled the small YA section too quickly for anyone my age. She plucked a bunch of titles (because she also knew I simply DEVOURED books) and then suggested “Daughter of the Blood.” I’m pretty sure I was actually too young at the time. Somewhere between 12-14ish because I definitely recall feeling embarrassed and my cheeks grow hot at the sex scenes. It was something a quiet/innocent Korean American girl who also went to church every Sunday would never read.

But I did. And damn did it totally change my life. Besides this book, only Harry Potter has had such a huge impact on my reading adventures. This is the series that really made me go, “Wow. I wish I could write a book like this.” OR “This book makes me want to write.”

These books instantly grabbed hold of me. I found myself borrowing them from the library over and over again. Then I ended up buying my own copies and own pretty much every book that’s set in the Blood Realms except for “Tangled Webs.”

I’ve grown so attached to Saetan, Daemon, and Lucivar. I love the world of powerful Queens and violent Warlord Princes. It was the most amazing fantasy/romance I’ve read in my life.

Now, back to my main point. In March, Anne Bishop is releasing her “final” installment in this world and it does not have a happy ending. I’ve read the spoilers and they really affected me because. . .the main character DIES. Not only does Jaenelle die, but Daemon (her lover) whose sole mission throughout all the books has been to love her moves on with Surreal and has a kid with her. Dreams Made Flesh 2.0! Plus, Saetan dies too!

I mean, I’ve never really liked Jaenelle. She is the epitome of a Mary Sue. And I agree that the writer/author has every right to do whatever needs to be done to tell the story that needs to be told.

But wow. The revelation of knowing that Jaenelle, Dreams Made Flesh, dies? I mean, yes, of course it’s hinted at. Duh. Daemon is part of the long-lived race while Jaenelle isn’t. But couldn’t Anne Bishop just left them at a happy ending? We know someday they were going to have to say good-bye.

And my other issue is that Surreal doesn’t really REALLY get her one true love. I mean, that’s the pattern. In the trilogy, the novellas, the other stand-a-alone books. A witch finds her soulmate and lives happily ever after.

And yes, I know I’m getting worked up over a book. A story. FICTIONAL characters that are NOT REAL.

But ohmygod, reading this one quote at the end of “Invisible Ring” just broke my heart knowing what will happen in the future.

“I don’t know. She hasn’t been born yet. But I’ve loved, and served, her all my life. I’ll love no other. And I”ll serve no other willingly.” [Daemon telling Jared about his loved one.]

I’m scared to read “Twilight’s Dawn” that’s coming out in March. And I probably won’t read it until the summer. Because~

1) It’s hardcover. And that means I have to shell out double or triple the amount I would have to pay for a paperback.

2) I can’t handle the emotional distress that might happen since I’m in school.

I almost wish that I never checked Anne Bishop’s website for a new book. Because I am going to read the book even though I”ll be cringing every page until the end.

And maybe it’s because I’m only 20 right now. It’s hard for me to imagine that someone can love so deeply and then find another to replace her.

But like another reviewer said, if you can’t find true love happily-ever-afters in stories. . .where can you find them?