How I Review

Okay, so I just want to reiterate that I’m not some professional critic or even an expert. I’m just a regular person who has an unhealthy obsession for stories and imaginary worlds. I figured that if I read so many books, why not share my opinions? Keep in mind, I’m a 20-year-old Korean American girl who loves her fantasy and sci-fi. I also enjoy the occasional Korean drama (when it’s not stuffed with cliches and has some originality). I also have a special spot for romantic comedies.

My favorite books include the following: Harry Potter, Stargirl, Little Brother, Dark Jewels Trilogy, American Gods/Anasi Boys/Stardust/Neverwhere, Abarat, Anna and the French Kiss, and 1984.

Here is the template I will use. You’ll notice that I’m missing a “grade.” I feel like if you are intrigued enough by the story, you’ll end up reading it regardless. I also added a section called “Writer’s Takeaway” and this is where I will be looking more at the style and execution of the story versus my enjoyment–just because I want to see how the pros do it.



Page #:



Writer’s Takeaway:


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