Dresden Files (2): Fool Moon [review]

Title: Fool Moon

Author: Jim Butcher

Page #: 401

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Mystery


I felt this book was hard to get into. Maybe there was just too much that I didn’t know as a reader but I didn’t feel myself eager to turn pages until around 163 when the action really started. And I really don’t think I should need more than even five pages to get me hooked on a story.

I liked the variety and complications of the whole werewolf legend. Jim Butcher took a trite supernatural being and added a good punch of originality to it. What I really enjoy about this series is the detail of what it’s like being a wizard. From the soul-gazing experience, to having a possessed skull as a spell book, and explanation to potion making definitely make it believable because Harry relays this so matter-of-factly.

This book shows cements the fact that there is an enemy Harry has yet to face yet and I hope we get to meet a new adversary in the next book. Plus, I really want to see Harry and Murphy together.

Writer’s Takeaway:

One thing I need to mention is how much of a hard time I had connecting with Harry Dresden. Or any of the characters actually. On the basic level, sure. Anyone can. But I think this particular book helped me realize why we need a New Adult genre. The in-between from childhood/adolescence and adulthood. Because while I realize being in college makes me young. . . .Harry Dresden refers to the college student werewolves as “kids.” I tried not to bristle at being lumped in like that. Plus, I just can’t relate to a man who has a hard time paying his bills and worrying about “real life.”

However, I so love Butcher’s/Harry’s voice. So sarcastic. Love it.


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