Stardust [review]

Title: Stardust

Author: Neil Gaiman

Page #: 333, paperback

Genre: Fantasy Fiction


I had watched the movie “Stardust” when it first came out. It was a good movie and I remember rewatching several times before having to return it to Blockbuster[when it actually made a profit].

The book really was much better. Of course. I have yet to see a movie that did a book justice. Probably never will.

Stardust is a wonderful fairytale. The world beyond the Wall is amazing and unique. All of the characters were striking and had interesting backgrounds.

Writer’s Takeaway:

I honestly can’t believe that I had never encountered Neil Gaiman until THIS YEAR. A sophomore in college when I’ve been roaming libraries since elementary school. You’d think I would have come across this master of fantasy before. I mean, whenever I read one of his books, there is always at least one person who reads the title and says, “I love that book! He’s a great writer.”

I love the way this man writes. He makes it seem like all the magical stuff is completely normal. Matter-of-fact. I really admire that.

He also did a really good job in setting up the story and the conclusion was definitely satisfactory although different from the movie.

Argh, such a horribly written review but I want to get these done. Promise they’ll get better.


One Comment on “Stardust [review]”

  1. Redhead says:

    welcome to the wonderful world of Neil Gaiman! it only gets better after Stardust, his American Gods is brilliant, and Neverwhere is pretty good too.

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