Anna and the French Kiss [review]

Title: Anna and the French Kiss

Author: Stephanie Perkins

Page #: 372, hardcover

Genre: YA, heavy on the romance


When I first saw this book, I really didn’t want to buy it. I mean, I was working while reading this book and didn’t want to be judged by all the college students who passed by my desk. However, it soon didn’t matter as I got so engrossed into the story. The plot doesn’t seem like anything special. Girl gets shipped off to boarding school in a new country. Meets a group of new friends and a very hot guy who already has a girlfriend. And I’m pretty sure that I would never had actually read the book except for one thing.

The narrator. The voice. Anna Oliphant. Usually I find YA books whiny and annoyingly immature. The book worked because of how it was written. Maybe it’s because I’m only 20 and not that much older than Anna but I found her someone I could easily have as a friend. She isn’t the lovesick girl who mopes about how she can’t ever date St. Clair. She realizes her position and doesn’t try to cross the boundaries until St. Clair begins to make it very clear to blur those lines. The new friends she also meets are an interesting bunch and I’m glad that they developed along with her instead of acting like minor props to the story.

I’m a little disappointed that Amanda and Dave weren’t really served their just desserts. Another thing that irked me was how long it took for Anna to realize how similar her situation was to that of her best friend’s. I mean, I get you’re wrapped up in a romance and high school drama but it just makes me wonder why you wouldn’t have a lightbulb moment.

But overall, I enjoyed reading this book immensely. I actually Laughed Out Loud for real at certain parts. Other times I had to take a break because I was just getting way too excited about the book.

Also, I seriously took pity on a girl whose father is a fictionalized version of Nicholas Sparks. Ugh.

Writer’s Takeaway:

Voice, voice, voice! OMG. Stephanie Perkins did an amazing job with the narrator/Anna. I loved the way she wrote Anna’s thoughts and reactions. A lot of the book is dialogue and I found that they were more useful to the story than the descriptions of France itself.


First review I’ve written. Sorry it’s bad. I waited too long to write it.


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